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Thank you, BookTrib!

Once you publish a book, reviews become very important. With my picture book only out for two weeks, I don't have a ton of reviews yet, but the one's I've received are so appreciated! Jim Alkon from BookTrib wrote an especially thorough and amazing review. He was descriptive with the book's plot while also highlighting the important themes woven throughout. Below are some blurbs from the BookTrib review.

"While the pictures in this book are colorful and simply marvelous, so are the many lessons for children: what happens when leaders and their constituents disconnect; the importance of helping others; dealing with adversity; showing compassion; being aware of environmental issues and taking care of the planet; and appreciating the differences (and similarities) of people from different places and backgrounds."

"Targeted age for this book is upper elementary (grades 3–5); however, the author plans to create curriculum guides and response questions so the book can be used with lower grades or as an introductory activity for secondary grades."

"The Jolt Felt Around the World is a wonderful story with important messages for children. Young readers will be lured in by the superb illustrations and then taken on an exciting, educational journey that captures their interest with an intriguing plot and great insights and lessons about the world around them."

Thank you, BookTrib!

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